Talking Balls.

I’m a cricket coach and I’m proud of that.  I light up kids, I encourage them and I challenge them in a soft-centred,  role-model-conscious kindofaway.  I’ve got better at what I do, partly because I’ve really got stuck into Coach Education (I realise this is the un-sexiest thing you’ve read this month but bear with me) and partly because I’m just keen.

Keenness is good, right?  Sometimes it can take you beyond the presumed limits of your gifts.  Sometimes it’s infectious.  Sometimes as a coach  – and maybe as a bloke, too – it carries you through.  When maybe something’s drifting away or when a wee child is struggling to get there.  Good energy gets you through  – and gets them comfortable or maybe even elated.  I do that good energy thing a lot.

I’m boring you with this because I’m entitled to. Because I was on the radio.  I could go treat some lesser mortal like dog pooh or snort some Colombian Marching Powder from a rolled-up fifty parn note in the Khazi of some modish hotel but no… I’m throttling back and just boring you.  With my thing on the radio.

It’s here, on 56 mins in.  Meaning I’m following Jimmy Hendrix and followed by Prince.  So I could do anything, right?  If I wanted?

Clearly there are Things I should’ve Said.  Plenty, in fact, given that the hope was we’d talk about what kind of work we in Cricket Wales do to fire up and challenge children.

Truth is I was given no real chance to expound the virtues of my/our training around Physical Literacy (wolf whistle pullease!) or draw distinctions around (linear?) games and games devised or developed by said children.  Un-beleeeeevably, the opportunity to pontificate about our expertise in engineering that wonderful release and then entry into classroom work that is evidenced by Education Professionals was denied me.  By Peter Moores and Andrew Strauss.

I’m hardly going to remedy all of those omissions here.  Instead I’m just going to ask you to listen to what me and Griff rabbited on about.  Later I might go off on one further about What Cricket Does.  Because I can.  Right?

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